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    If you’re wondering where Danny Castellano gets his dancing ability, it’s from BOTH of his parents. 

    If you have Netflix you must watch, S4E20, Save the Last Dance for Me.

    God, I love Mindy Kaling ;D

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    Ok, but I love this casting choice even more because you know who never got along with Carla Tortelli?


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    But really, I’ve wanted this to happen ever since Dan Hedaya was cast as Alan Castellano. You’re a crafty one, MK 😏

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    It was announced today that Rhea Perlman will be filling the role of Ma Castellano on The Mindy Project this season.

    Rhea Perlman is perhaps best-known for her role of Carla on Cheers.

    Carla had a dead-beat husband on Cheers. His photo is the second one in the post.

    Look familiar to anyone? Deadbeat husband is played by none other than Dan Hedaya AKA our very own Alan Castellano.

    In summation, THIS CASTING IS TOO PERFECT FOR WORDS. Well done, once again, Mindy Project.

    [Thanks again to evensnarkiersara for bringing this to my attention. My mind is blown.]

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    Danny ‘Goddamnit why isn’t this show on HBO’ Castellano

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    Airwrecka’s Ultimate Dandy Playlist


    Danny and Mindy, from Take Me With You to, well, Danny and Mindy

    I spent entirely too much time working on this, but I think this is finally it. I wasn’t going to include songs that were on the show, but Midnight City just belongs on here. Plus, it sets the mood. The rest of the songs follow chronologically from the season 1 finale :)

    Listen here x

    Midnight City- M83
    Waiting for a word, looking at the milky skyline. The city is my church, it wraps me in its blinding twilight.
    Watching You Watch Him- Eric Hutchinson  
    God only knows why I still wait around, except I hate to see you cry.
    If It Kills Me- Jason Mraz
    All I really want to do is love you, a kind much closer than friends use, but I still can’t say it after all we’ve been through.
    If I Lose Myself- OneRepublic
    With all of the faces you were the one next to me.
    XO- Beyonce 
    Baby, kiss me. Before they turn the lights out.
    Happily- One Direction
    You don’t understand, you don’t understand, what you do to me when you hold his hand. We were meant to be, but a twist of fate made it so you had to walk away.
    [1, 2, 3, 4!] We’re on fire now.
    Latch (Acoustic)- Sam Smith
    Now I’ve got you in my space, I won’t let go of you. Got you shackled in my embrace. I’m latching on to you.
    Nobody Knows- Keaton Simons
    Nobody knows you like I do, we can let them wonder. Everyone thinks they know the truth, people never understand. Better we lie and play it cool.
    Wildest Moments- Jessie Ware 
    Baby in our wildest moments we could be the greatest, we could be the greatest. Baby in our wildest moments, we could be the worst of all. 
    Demons- Imagine Dragons
    They say it’s what you make, I say it’s up to fate. It’s woven in my soul, I need to let you go. Your eyes they shine so bright, I want to save that light. I can’t escape this now unless you show me how.
    Too Afraid to Love You- The Black Keys
    I just don’t know what to do, I’m too afraid to love you. 
    Emotion- Destiny’s Child
    It’s over and done, but the heartache lives on inside. And who is the one you’re clinging to instead of me tonight? 
    Do I Wanna Know?- Arctic Monkeys
    Maybe I’m too busy being yours to fall for somebody new. 
    In the Next Room- Neon Trees
    Oh, my heart you stole. Every time your body moves I’m just dying to break through to the next room. 
    Almost Doesn’t Count- Brandy
    Every time you built me up, you only let me down. 
    Just Friends- Jason Reeves
    I don’t wanna be just friends, not now, not ever. Those two words are bullets in my chest, just friends.   
    This Time- John Legend
    This time I want it all, this time I want it all. Showing you all the cards, giving you all my heart. This time I’ll take the chance. This time I’ll be your man. I can be all you need. This time it’s all of me. 
    All of Me- John Legend
    'Cause all of me loves all you, love your curves and all your edges, all your perfect imperfections.
    Falling- The Lumineers
    If you just relax and check your eyes for cataracts, it’s plain to see that I was meant for you and you were meant for me.  
    Brown Eyes- Destiny’s Child
    I know that he loves me ‘cause he told me so. I know that he loves me ‘cause his feelings show. When he stares at me, you see he cares for me. You see how he’s so deep in love. 
    Who You Love- John Mayer and Katy Perry
    My girl, she ain’t the one that I saw coming. And sometimes I don’t know which way to go. I tried to run before, but I’m not running anymore. ‘Cause I’ve fought against it hard enough to know. 
    That you love, who you love, who you love…
    Oh, you can’t make yourself stop dreaming who you’re dreaming of. If it’s who you love, then it’s who you love.
    My boy, he ain’t the one that I saw coming. And some have said his heart’s too hard to hold. And it takes a little time, but you should see him when he shines. ‘Cause you never want to let that feeling go. 


    (A better version, I think, of the mix CD I made for the TMP screening, city-bright ;D) 

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    Sometimes i am Bob, sometimes i am Linda.

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    Favorite place? Upstairs, there’s this mural of wildflowers, and I like to sit on the bench in front of it.

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    unexpected pregnancy is actually so weird like you can accidentally make a person 



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